Our Philosophy

Painting of Lily, Ador-a-Belle and Smudge by David Faust


1.Our dogs do not live in a kennel. They live in our home with us and are an important part of our lives. They have a beautiful heated/air conditioned recreation room complete with their own sofa and television! When weather permits they play in our professionally landscaped outdoor gardens and custom excercise areas (see photos).

2. Although we have bred and continue to breed many top winning show dogs, first and foremost our French Bulldogs are family companions. All French Bulldogs would much prefer to be with their owners living at home and enjoying life as opposed to endless travel in a crate in the back of a “bus” in order to satisfy the quest for ribbons and ego of a needy owner.

3. We do not define ourselves by our dogs. Although they play a large part in our lives, we are active in other areas including animal rescue and community fundraising.

4. It is our priviledge to have our Frenchies in our lives and our pleasure to provide fully for their emotional and physical needs.

5. Providing a consistent daily routine is paramount. Our personal lives and social activities do not interfere with the care of our dogs. They come first. We do not go to shows for weeks at a time, leaving our dogs home alone crated for hours on end unattended or in the care of an elderly dogsitter or a neighbors inexperienced child. In spite of our great success, winning is simply not that important to us! Our dogs would much rather play in the FABELHAFT gardens than sit in a crate in the back of a “bus”.

6. Excellent veterinary care is crucial to any reputable breeder. We are very fortunate and thankful to have an experienced veterinarian and staff who will make house calls for us any time of the day or night.

7. In working with other people whether for a show puppy or someone looking for a loving well bred companion we are always honest in our evaluation. We do not attempt to decieve people for our own monetary gain.

8. We believe that all Frenchies deserve a loving forever home. As top breeders, we screen our homes carefully and can afford to be selective in the placement of our beautiful babies. We offer a lifetime committment to our babies and if at any time any dog bred by us is not able to be properly cared for and loved they can be returned at any time…no questions asked!

9. We believe that breeding dogs should never be a way of living. The secret to breeding consistently beautiful top winning show dogs and gorgeous companions is to only breed the best to the best by careful selection. Our dogs are like living art…each one a masterpiece in his or her own right! As you can see at FABELHAFT…this has been a winning formula for us and those lucky enough to own a FABELHAFT champion(s).

10. Be cautious of those individuals claiming HONESTY,INTEGRITY AND EXCELLENCE. You will often find that the complete opposite is true! Any fool with a check book can eventually buy excellence from a good breeder but honesty and integrity must be earned! Find out for yourself just how honest they are. See how they conduct themselves both in public and in print. You will be surprised what you can ascertain just by observing.

11. When selling puppies we are happy to provide complete records of veterinarian care. Our babies are evaluated in our home by our veterinarian before leaving with their new parents. We do not ship babies unaccompanied and encourage all new owners to personally collect their new FABELHAFT baby at our home. This gives them the opportunity to see first hand how their new baby has been raised and learn more about the FABELHAFT philosophy.

12. We abide by AKC standards and maintain complete and accurate records.In fact unlike many breeders we are proud to report that our dogs and facilities have personally been inspected by an official AKC representative and given the AKC seal of approval!!