Welcome to the Fabelhaft & Robobull nursery page where you can see some of the beautiful babies born here.

Our babies are  very selectively bred from Top Champion parents and pedigrees for HEALTH, TEMPERAMANT and of course the world famous Fabelhaft & Robobull beauty.

Many of these babies are now CHAMPIONS and/or beloved companions, none are available. We are very particular about the placement of our babies and carefully interview prospective homes. We do NOT ship our babies unaccompanied so please do not ask. We also feel that it is very important that you see exactly where  and how your new baby has been raised.

BEWARE of  Import Brokers, Puppymills and false claims and do not be afraid to ask (and answer) the many questions neccessary for your acquisition of a quality French Bulldog baby. If you wish to be considered for  a Fabelhaft & Robobull baby please tell us a little about yourself and your lifestyle and why you think a French Bulldog is right for you. This will enable us to ascertain if we can be of help to you in your search.

Fabelhaft Robobull has built a worldwide reputation based on the QUALITY, INTEGRITY and SUCCESS of our small breeding program. We do occasionally have available beautiful babies for loving, discerning companion and show homes. All of our babies come with a written health guarantee and warranty properly socialized and ready for a lifetime of LOVE!