Puppy Tips

Puppy proof your home before your new Frenchie gets there! Make sure harmful substances are kept well away from inquisitive little noses. All cleaning products, paint thinners, household chemicals, antifreeze etc. Secure electrical cords so they cannot be chewed.

Puppies should only be given puppy toys to play with or chew. Never real bones, never shoes (they don’t know the difference between new & old shoes), never cow or pig ears (can choke on them) and hooves only when supervised.

Whenever your puppy starts to chew an inappropriate object, take it away and give him an “approved toy”. This way he will learn what is his and what isn’t.

Never, ever, ever leave your Frenchie in the car on any day over 50-60 degrees. With even cracked windows a Frenchie can overheat very quickly. Please, do not take the chance!

Recommended Product

French Bulldogs have adorable flat faces, which can lead to a bit of a dry nose. We recommend the Blissful Dog’s Nose Butter, as it will keep their noses moist and pretty. Visit The Blissful Dog.

Recommended Reading

The French Bulldog by Kathy Dannel

The French Bulldog by Muriel Lee

A French Bulldog for All Seasons by Michele Copen

And Michele’s newest book Heart Thieves